Contact amazon by chat

The best phone number and way to avoid the wait on hold, available live chat options, and the best ways overall to contact Amazon in an easy-to-use summary, as well as a full comparison of the 7 ways to reach Amazon, compared by speed and customer recommendations.

Ubuntu updating

I've recently acquired a machine with Ubuntu 18.04 on it. I installed R simply with: sudo apt-get install r-base And when I call $ R in console, it starts up with: R version 3.4.4 (2018-03-15) -- "

Fortinet vpn client for linux

IPSec VPN: SSL VPN 3: OTHERS Remote Logging and Reporting 4: Windows AD SSO Agent: 1 Requires FortiClient to be managed by EMS 2 Also compatible in Chrome OS 3 Also compatible in Linux and Windows Mobile. The list above is based on the latest OS for each platform. 4 Requires FortiAnalyzer * No file Submission

How to change your apple id

2020-6-12 · If you try to change your Apple ID to an email address that was created within the last 30 days, you might be asked to try again later. In some countries or regions, you can use your phone number as your Apple ID. But if your Apple ID is an email address, you can't change …

Ip address masker

Sep 24, 2019 · Subnet mask can do more than determine the size of a particular subnet. If the IP address on a subnet is known, the subnet mask can be used to determine where the end points of that particular subnet are. To calculate the Network ID of a subnet, take an IP address within the subnet and run the AND operator (on a calculator) on the subnet mask.

List of dark net websites

Dark web definition. The dark web is a part of the internet that isn't indexed by search engines. You've no doubt heard talk of the “dark web” as a hotbed of criminal activity — and it is.


Why this is so important! Many web sites are harmful and attempt to log your IP address for improper use. Some spyware applications and web sites with harmful code sometimes need your personal IP address in order to do their dirty work. An anonymous proxy hides this information from the web sites you visit.

Droud vpn

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Vpn mac from windows

1 day ago · Although its VPN is only available on four platforms -- Mac, iOS, Windows and Android -- Norton gets big points for its 24/7 live customer phone support and 60-day money back guarantee.

How do you check your router settings

Nov 15, 2019 · To make sure your router has a built-in firewall, open a browser window and log into your router's administrative console by typing in the router's IP address.Your router is likely to have what is known as a non-routable internal IP address, such as or