There are four areas to the Cloakwood forest. They begin just west of the Friendly Arm Inn. User Info: Xenogears15. Xenogears15 (Topic Creator) 11 years ago #3. To the west? I try to go west from the FAI, but when I go to the world map nothing shows up. Help? Heroes of Ivalice! The online roleplaying sim based on Final Fantasy Tactics!

Nov 13, 2001 · In order to get from Cloakwood Section 3 to Section 4, Do you have to pick up the Druid? I can't find section 4. I happen to really like my current party (main guy is F/Cl, Iomen [Th], Minsc [F], Dynaheir [W], Garrett [B], and Bronwen [Cl]). If I do have to pick her up, and drop Bronwen, can I refind her later, and where? Thaks for any help. Normally leaving the 1st cloakwood area at the left or top part should make 2nd area available. No special border so you can easily access the exit too. Try these cheating codes in game to test if there is the 2nd and 3rd cloakwood area file. CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR2100") for 2nd area. CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR1600") for 3rd area Post by driderman on Dec 3, 2008 17:23:49 GMT -5 Honoured Dukes, It has come to my attention that in the Cloakwood lies a disused mine occupied by savage creatures. Cloakwood Squares! Xavier Silvermoon. Whack fol me darn O shize I should shee! Hooked on Neo total posts: 4409 since: Feb 2003. Apr 26, 03 at 12:20am (PST) ^ re: Cloakwood Squares! My very first fic - a Baldur's Gate AU novelisation. Focuses on lesser known non-joinable characters. A lone elf makes his way through the chaos that threatens the Sword Coast, finding unlikely allies in unlikely places.

Hi people, This is my problem. I cant get to Cloakwood and Cloakwood won't appear. I cleared bandit camp and took two letters, I had loads of letters so I copied all and dropped them to the ground. Many had problems with cloakwood if they dont have those letters, I go back to get the letters I get only one from the ground.

===== ===== Baldur's Gate - Area Guide ===== ===== Revision 1.04 ===== ===== by Duncan Clay ( Table of Contents INTRODUCTION AREA GUIDE (0) PROLOGUE - Candlekeep (0.1) Candlekeep (AR2600) (1) CHAPTER 1 - The Journey to Nashkel (1.1) Lion's Way (East of Candlekeep) (AR2700) (1.2) Coast Way (South of Friendly Arm Inn) (AR2800) (1.3) Friendly Arm Inn (AR2300) (1.4) Beregost CLOAKWOOD MINES. Lakaadar. This pretty much assures a 3 hitting 1 situation for anybody that makes it out. Imoen meanwhile freely blasts away with her Fireballs Dec 18, 2012 · Chapter 4 marks the beginning of a long journey through Cloakwood. If you had been wondering how to access this area before, wonder no longer as it will be revealed on your map.

Aug 30, 2013

I've gone through all 4 Cloakwood areas and also tried approaching from the west in the Friendly Arm Inn area but nothing. I'm in Chapter 4 and I got the cutscene to start it. I had the BG1 NPC Project installed which had a component that opens up all the Cloakwood areas earlier and I think that was the problem. Not sure where to ask for help for this, so Ill write here. Im playing EET (latest GOG versions) with BP-Bgt worlmap (also latest), and a bunch of other mods. Weidu-log is attached. Like the title says, in my game the first Cloakwood area doesnt appear on the map after the bandit camp has been cl These islands just west of the Cloakwood and Baldur's Gate appear in every map I can find depicting the Sea of Swords, but are never tagged. Before you google, the islands just southwest of The Cloakwood (and directly west of Candlekeep) are the ones known as The Cimarine Isles. The islands in the photo appear to be completely separate. 2220 mm (7'3") 2470 mm (8'1") Herringbone. Thickness: 15 mm (5/8") 20 mm (3/4") Width: x Length: 80 mm (3 5/32") 480 mm (18 29/32") 110 mm (4 11/32") 550 mm (21 21/32")