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Solved: Hello, Has anyone ever seen !A !A !A return on a traceroute? Working on a network problem and got this on a traceroute and dont know what it means. Thanks, Richard Traceroute Tool Provides Powerful Insight | Broadband Library Failed traceroute to Host unreachable ping to Something as simple as the network diagnostic tools like ping and traceroute can have powerful implications about our ability to understand and manage our networks. More importantly, an engineer’s or technician’s ability to understand precisely how these tools work at a deep Usenet Providers Reviewed, Free Usenet Servers : UsenetCompare Several years ago, Newshosting introduced one of the absolute fastest and most advanced Usenet newsreaders on the market. The Newshosting software, available for free to all subscribers and free trial users, comes packed with features like quick search + advanced search options, auto search + auto download capability, full search results previews and auto-PAR and auto extracting.

You can find a number of links googleing. A Linux implementation on traceroute being able to use TCP protocol and having replaced the old implementation on many distros. Simple use the -T flag on those systems.. On Mac -P TCP does the job.. Historically a number of ad hoc tools were developed; among the other references there is a simple python script that can be used also specifing the port

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I don't use a VPN or proxy. I have a cable provider that provides me with a 66meg pipe. I also have an Astraweb account and I get the full speed (66meg) downloads. Newshosting is doing about 7meg. I use Newsbin 6.62. Newshosting support is blaming my connection but they are ignoring the fact that I can download at high speeds on other servers.

Traceroute Tool - Traceroute. Traceroute, also called tracepath or tracert, is a network tool used to determine the "path" packets take from one IP address to another.It provides the hostname, IP address, and the response time to a ping. Enter the IP address that you want to lookup. This will provide a traceroute with geographic location information (city, state, country if available). We Need Your Help - Newshosting Usenet Oct 18, 2012 Networking and speed issues resolved - Newshosting Usenet Everything is back to normal now, if you experience any abnormal drops in speed, or any other service related issues, please contact support by sending an email to Filed Under: Usenet News Tagged: speed , speed issues , trace route