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Log in or create an account. How to setup and use OpenVPN Connect | TechRadar Jun 27, 2019 #958 (OpenVPN client can't connect when using a password After changing the password to another one of the same length but without special characers, I still encountered the bug at first. After restarting the OpenVPN GUI I can now log in just fine. I still think that the first password itself was the cause for the trouble because even after restarting the pc multiple times the problem didn't go away.

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Easily configure your OpenVPN® server and get up and running with just 1 click. SSH Access Access your OpenVPN® VPS using either an SSH key or by enabling password login.

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Optional: Set your OpenVPN login to something memorable. Note: We strongly recommend to use a non-descriptive name which is not related in any way to your ProtonMail login! Set your OpenVPN password by clicking ‘Set OpenVPN Password’ and following the prompts. Note: We strongly recommend to use a long, unique password! Never repeat passwords! Just login, then you can easy get the OpenVPN configurations file by click the menu below. Choose the server and download. The username and password are the same you login OVPN. Proxy.sh. Official Website. Download according to the service that you have subscribed: $2 customers. $5 customers. $10 customers. $20 customers. Proxpn. Official