Sep 03, 2013 · With the advancement of better and better internet technology, VPN and satellite internet broadband is introduced. Now you don’t need a wifi or a cable to connect, through satellite internet broadband you can connect anywhere anytime you like with high speed downloads and upload. Very true, Thanks alot for the wonderful post. GOD Bless.!!!

Cisco IPsec VPN problems on Satellite b - Cisco Community After being assured by the satellite provider (Tooway in the UK) that any issues with the VPN her employer has in place (Cisco) would be due to upload speed and nothing else, we've discovered that whenever she connects to the VPN the connection speed drops from 3mb down / 0.2mb up, to 0.2mb down / 0.02 up which makes email and the online The Challenges of VPN and Satellite Using an IPSEC VPN over iDirect will still cause a significant reduction in performance, but not as bad. For a two-way satellite service to perform properly in conjunction with traditional terrestrial networks, two-way satellite networks all use special software to deal with the extra 23,000-mile distance of the connection that the data has to SpaceX Starlink VPN | Private Internet Access VPN Service

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Teleworkers should avoid slow and expensive satellite service unless cable, DSL and high-speed wireless are unavailable. It’ll get you online, but VPN access is a challenge.

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