Jul 13, 2016

In the OpenPGP menu, select "sign message," "encrypt message," and if your message recipient is using Enigmail, "Use PGP/MIME for this message." (The latter option has some advantages, but isn't How to Use a PGP Key to Encrypt Your Email Jan 31, 2017 Enable hosted S/MIME for message encryption - G Suite To use hosted S/MIME, you enable it in the Google Admin console and then upload certificates to Gmail, either programmatically or through Gmail settings. When users reload Gmail, they’ll see the

Aug 28, 2019

How to encrypt your email How PGP email encryption works. Consider this scenario. Sam wants to send Jane a secret email love letter that he doesn't want Joe, Jane's jealous downstairs neighbor who piggybacks her wifi, to see. Feature Request: PGP - FileZilla Forums

FlowCrypt adds a "Secure Compose" button into your regular Gmail interface, which allows you to send encrypted messages using the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy — yes, that's actually what it's called)

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