Choose a Wi-Fi Network, Activate Phone & Enable Location Services. You need to connect iPhone to a Wi-Fi network. Once you've connected to Wi-Fi, your iPhone will attempt to activate itself and it may take few minute to activate your iPhone. Now, decide whether you want to turn on Location Services or not.

Part 1: How to activate iPhone using iTunes? The first and most effective way to activate iPhone without SIM Card is to use iTunes on your PC. iTunes is a software established and specially designed to manage iPhone and other iOS devices. Since it is Apple’s own software, … How to Setup, Activate, and Use iMessage on iPhone and iPad Jul 21, 2020 How to activate a ipod touch 4th generation? | Yahoo Answers Dec 25, 2010

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Activate iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch printing - EuroSmartz Activate iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch printing for ALL printers. WePrint enables printing to shared printers for iOS devices from our range of printing Apps. If WePrint is required on your Mac or PC you will not need to touch or be near your computer to print, you simply tap print on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch Device and the computer will How to Setup or Activate iPhone Without SIM Card 2. Activate iPhone With No SIM Using iTunes. If you have an older version of iOS installed on your iPhone, you need to upgrade to iOS 11.3 or later version, in order to activate iPhone without SIM Card. 1. Open iTunes on your Windows computer. 2. Connect iPhone to …

What we are trying to do is to activate an iPod touch. 8. On the iTunes, select the Set up as new iPod option. You would also need to enter the name of your iPod Touch. Do that and click the Continue button. 9. Go to sync settings. Here you can choose to automatically or manually sync your iPod Touch.

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