Wall Safe in behind a bookshelf: If you have a wall safe, your safe is well secured in a wall and not to difficult to hide (if your DIY skills are enough for a wall installation). Of course, you can hide your safe with a mirror or a painting. I am not sure this is the best way to hide it. What I recommend is to put a bookshelf in front of it.

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Oct 07, 2013 How to Safely Hide Cash in Your Home Jun 20, 2019 Secret Hiding Places - 11 Most Cunning Ideas - Bob Vila Hiding things in plain site is one of the best ways to beat a thief. This IKEA potted plant hack is a clever way to stash everyday valuables. All you need for this DIY is some dirt, a craft knife

Nov 19, 2016

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Ratings you are likely to see include: B-rated: Recommended for storing $5,000 or less in valuables. B/C-rated: For up to $10,000 in content value. RSC: For $15,000 in content value. C-rated: For

3 easiest ways to hide a safe Shelf in your garage: It is a good and easy way to hide a safe in a garage as a garage is usually a messy place. What I Furniture in an attic: An attic is, just like a garage, one of the messiest room in a house. If you have decided to put Box on the floor: You Mar 23, 2017 · Ultimate Hidden Safe Location: Behind Secret Door. Our top recommendation on hidden safes for the home is to place your safe behind a hidden door. These easily replace your standard door to create a completely hidden space. You can simply replace a closet door or even a larger room in your house – it’s up to you. A better method is to hide a safe designed to actually fit securely inside your wall, such as a painting wall safe. These safes can be secured in between the studs of your wall frame. It’s important to anchor your safe properly as burglars can break in to walls. Nov 06, 2018 · Then you need to think about the best place to hide the safe without it getting in the way. The best place is in the corner as you can bolt it to the floor and secure it to the wall. Another option is to make your gun safe by pouring concrete walls and adding a secure door. Nov 19, 2016 · [ Hidden Wall Secret Diversion Safe Electrical Plug ]: One of the best places you can hide your most valuable cash is in plain site. Somewhere no one will ever suspect as being a safe box storage. That somewhere is your electrical outlet. Just don’t try to plug your neon lighting in there. Install diversion safe outlet in seconds with the By having a room or closet to hide your gun safe you’ll have a significant amount of room available to work with. You don’t need to choose a smaller gun safe just because your significant other doesn’t want an eyesore in the home. (3) No need to buy special, cramped floor or wall safe that you DON’T EVEN LIKE