I have recently changed to using BT, from EE, and am trying to set up the 'BT Business Smart Hub' for use with VPN. My setup (which previously worked fine with the EE router), was to set up port forwarding rules for UDP 1701, 500 and 4500 to forward to the same ports on my Synology NAS, for use with it's L2TP/IPSec VPN server, and use DDNS to allow the router's IP to be found from anywhere.

How do I set up port forwarding on my BT Hub? | BT Help If you are using a VPN, say for homeworking, it’s possible you might need to set up port forwarding, but you will need to know the port range information from your IT department and most VPN clients should work on the hub without this being required. To set up port forwarding, click a dropdown for your model of Hub. VPN hassle with BT Business Hub 5 - BT Business Community * I have gone into the BT Business Hub 5 (Type A | Software version and via the Port Forwarding page I have set PPTP Server (a predefined one not any custom ports) to point to the static LAN IP. * I have a Win 7 Ultimate client machine and a Win 10 Pro client machine to act as test VPN (outside of the office) users. Help for BT Hubs | BT Help

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I have a new Smart Hub 2- which works fine for the home computer but since installing it, I am unable to connect my remote access computer for work. I have been told by IT officer at work that I need a 'VPN passthrough to be enabled." I have just discussed this with BT who say they cannot help and h VPN setup - BT Community

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Customers using BT Smart Hub or other BT routers are increasingly finding themselves blocked from popular websites and subject to anti-privacy letters and throttling. The solution is a BT VPN Router from Liberty Shield. What is the BT Smart Hub? Launched in 2017, the redesigned BT Smart Hub shares the vertical form factor of its predecessors.