Jan 15, 2020

The Politics of Censorship in Russia — Censorship and In order to understand the extent of Russian political censorship, one must look at its roots in communist values. During the era of communism there was strict laws against speaking out against the government and protesting the communist party. This instilled a tradition in Russian of a low demand for freedom of speech and the press. How Putin Controls the Internet and Popular Opinion in Russia Sep 08, 2015 Internet Censorship Is Advancing Under Trump | WIRED

Study: North Korea, China, and Russia top internet

Mar 10, 2019 · Thousands of people took to the streets of Moscow and two other cities on Sunday to rally against tighter internet restrictions, in some of the biggest protests in the Russian capital in years.

Russia has so far trodden relatively carefully in its censorship efforts. Still, internet freedom monitors in Russia fear its new “ sovereign internet ” law could one day rival that of Chinese and

Russia Takes a Big Step Toward Internet Isolation | WIRED