2 days ago · Apple has revealed it will show an 'Important Display Message' on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max devices if the phone detects that the screen is a non-genuine replacement.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone to Protect Your Privacy 2017-11-3 · 5 ways to hide apps on iPhone. The first method we recommend using to hide apps on your iPhone is using a feature that most people assume is just for parental control. However, if you’re looking to hide apps on your iPhone, “Restrictions” are a great way to do it. Method 1: Enable Restrictions to hide apps 1. Open your iPhone’s settings. How to hide text messages on iPhone - Macworld UK 2 days ago · How to hide text messages on iPhone. but the content of the text will remain private. as shown, it will just read "iMessage" rather than giving you a preview of the message.

2017-10-30 · Apple today released watchOS 6.2.8, the 10th update to the watchOS 6 operating system that runs on modern Apple Watch models. watchOS 6.2.8 comes a month after the launch of watchOS 6.2.6…

How Do I Hide the Contents of New Messages on My … Posted January 6, 2015 by Lê Hoàng in Apple iPhone By default, when you have a new text message, the Messages app displays a notification containing a preview of the message on the lock screen. While this feature can be useful when you want to take a quick look at a message without unlocking the phone, it could potentially reveal its content

2020-6-4 · Recently, some users of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X always have a question on how to make text messages or iMessages private on their iPhone 8/X. Apple provides the Messages preview feature to make it easy for iPhone users to quickly read a message or an iMessage without unlocking their iPhone.

2017-10-7 How to Hide Sensitive Notifications From Your iPhone’s In iOS 11, your iPhone gives you much more control over notifications. You can designate certain apps as “sensitive”, so that it hides the content of notifications while your phone is locked, only letting you see the full preview when you use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your iPhone. This works in every single app on your phone, unlike in iOS 10 and before. iOS 11 Lets You Choose To Show Message Previews When When the ‘When Unlocked‘ option is selected the preview of the message’s content will not appear on the lockscreen however it will still appear in normal banners that appear when the device is unlocked and in use.So you will see the previews when using any other app or when you are on the homescreen. There’s another option called ‘Never‘, which is for those who require absolute How to Hide and Unhide Text Messages on iPhone? - … Hide Text Messages on Message App of Your iPhone. The above solutions can hide your messages and notifications only from lock screen of your iPhone. But there are some people who enter the Message app to sneak into your private messages. To hide texts on Message app, you will have to jailbreak iPhone. Then, you may use Hidden Convos from Cydia