How to Solve the Problem of 'iPhone 6s Battery Won't Charge'?

An Apple certified lightning cable or charger will have a “Made for iPhone” label that looks like this: Reason 3: Your Charging Port is Dirty. One of the most common reasons why your iPhone won’t charge is because dust, lint or other debris has accumulated into the charging port, preventing the charging connections from working properly. Quick Fix for iPhone Charging Port Not Charging (before Jun 25, 2016 How to fix your iPhone Not Charging - 2020 - YouTube Apr 21, 2016 iPhone 8 Plus Not Charging? Here's Why & The Fix! Sep 25, 2017

iPhone Won’t Charge? Here Are 5 Reasons Why | ChargeItSpot

Aug 08, 2019

Help! My iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged In!

Both of them do not work, and instead, the audio is played from the iPhone speakers when I plug any of the earbuds in. The earbuds do work as I have just tried them on a computer. The lightning dock does work as well as I managed to charge it through the wall last night, as well as from a portable charger while I am on the go. iPhone XS/XS Max Not Charging! Here is Real Fix Apr 14, 2020 Quick and easy fix for Lightning port charging problems Jul 21, 2014 USB-C ports not working on your MacBook? Here's the fix!