The government of India discontinued PIO Card scheme on Jan 9 2015 and eligible PIO card holders were instructed to apply for OCI card. This article only describes the differences between the PIO card and the OCI card for reference purposes, as no one is able to apply for PIO card any longer.

If you are unable to visit us in Paddington and would prefer to use our simple and fast online service please click on this button:. I can NOT visit you. I prefer to use your online PIO to OCI help service. What happens after your PIO to OCI is converted. Once a booking is made we will confirm the OCI documents that you need for your application before your appointment with us. PIO/OCI CARD PERSON OF INDIAN ORIGIN (PIO) CARD Link 4 (c) COMPARISON BETWEEN PIO CARD AND OCI CARD Subject PIO card OCI card Fees US$ 388 US$ 275 US$ 25 for holder of PIO cards US$ 25 for miscellaneous services due to change of passport etc. Validity of Visa 15 yrs from the date of Issue. Life long after date of issue Registration at FFRO/ After 180 days, within Not required PIO Card Application Fees - immihelp The fee for a PIO card would be Rs. 15,000 for an adult or Rs. 7,500 for a child up to 18 years. Gratis Card (PIO card at no charge) may be issued to an exceptionally eminent person of Indian Origin who plays an important role in building bridges between India and the country of his/her adoption, if he/she expresses a desire to obtain the PIO card.

The PIO Card scheme has thus been merged with OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) Card scheme. and hence PIO to OCI conversion mandatory rules has been set. According to a recent amendment as mentioned in Part – I, Section – I of Gazette of India published on January 09, 2015, the individuals holding PIO card under the PIO card scheme of

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Persons of Indian Origin card Scheme by Governament of India

Person Of Indian Origin (PIO) - Bureau of Immigration All PIO card holders with valid PIO cards as on 09.01.2015 are advised to apply for conversion of their PIO card to OCI card. Bureau of Immigration would accept PIO card as valid document till March 31, 2019 along with valid foreign passport. Machine-readable electronic document is mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO OCI or PIO Card -> UK born kid -