Dec 09, 2010 · Should the Internet be policed and is it even possible? by Scott Bicheno on 9 December 2010, 11:47 The Internet means many different things to different people - for me it's a work-place as

Should The Internet Be Policed? Few observers could have predicted the fuss that the Internet began to generate in political and legal circles in the mid-1990s. After all, the global computer network linking 160 countries was hyped relentlessly in the media in the early 1990s. Sep 14, 2007 · Should the internet be policed? 12:01AM BST 14 Sep 2007. A coroner has criticised online chatrooms after a man was goaded into committing suicide while dozens of users watched live on the internet. Should the internet be policed? After reading about this issue and conducting my own research i have concluded that most people including myself do not believe that the internet should be policed. Many points stated by the articles are true and I can agree with and there opinion Certain aspects should be cracked down on without mercy (child porn and that kind of shit ) but the internet should not be policed or owned by any greedy corporation just so they can increase their profit margin (EA Activision Nintendo looking at you)

Jul 31, 2017 · If every Ugandan having a simcard is allocated a unique fixed Internet protocol (IP) address, internet can be policed. But government has to task the Internet Service Providers to make sure they are able to profile which person was using the Internet at what time, which websites they visited. And back up such data for say five months.

Dec 01, 2017 · For an overview of the fight to keep the internet open, turn to this book, written by Wu, the Columbia law professor who coined the term “network neutrality,” and Harvard professor Jack Goldsmith. A final reason the Internet should be censored is due to violations of intellectual property rights. Many people may imagine that such people as artists and writers would be wholly in favor of a free and open Internet, but the truth is that people who create movies, music, books and more are hurt by an uncensored Internet.

Internet censorship is defined as the suppression or control of what a person can view, publish, or access when they are online under their own initiative. People and organizations can engage in the practice of self-censorship at any time.

The Internet should absolutely be regulated. People should use the Internet to do research, write e-mails but not be able to use it as a weapon to cyber bully kids, adults and business. Many people these days are just cowards, hiding behind the Internet and posting nonsense. This should be banned. Policedshould the internet beI think the internet should be policedBecauseBecauseIt will help prevent wrong information being posted.Firstit can stop people search up things which lead to big consequences.Secondwell, i think that internet should not be policed.BecauseFirstvery expensivedifficult to enforce rules on a global scaleSecondPolicedshould the internet beThink?what do you The main debate is on whether the Internet should or should not be censored Essay Sample. As our society is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet, a constant debate on the content which is put on the web has aroused. The main debate is on whether the Internet should or should not be censored. Mar 18, 2016 · The idea that people who engage in bullying should be confronted with the consequences of their actions is a very powerful one. Indeed, it’s being used by anti-cyberbullying organisations Should the Internet Be Policed/Censored? The innovative birth of the internet has amazingly brought about a plethora of information that is available instantaneously. For the younger generations, it is now so commonplace that they do not know of a time when it did not exist, whilst older generations marvel at how progress has made their lives Science & Technology Can the internet be policed? In Nepal, the decade-old Electronic Transaction Act (ETA), enacted in 2006, was formed when the internet was not as widespread as it is today and fails to take into account many contemporary web security and privacy issues.