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i reset my hp touchpad and now it - HP Support Community HP abandoned webOS and the TouchPad some years ago, and the reason you are unable to set up the device is that the webOS servers have been shut down. There was also a "stickied" thread near the top of this board (which someone "un-stickied"), about bypassing webOS setup, with links to an article on another site . Sadly, the last time I checked LG just upgraded WebOS from 4.0 to 5.30.01 ? - webOS Apr 07, 2019 Touchpad does not allow to connect - HP Support Community i have had the tablet put away for a long time. battery was completely dead. i charged it up completely and upon turning on i have to pick language and country, so i pick english/united states. then it goes to network for wifi, my internet network shows on list, i enter password, it connects then di

Jul 10, 2020 · LG rewrote the rulebook for smart TV platforms with its webOS, starting the trend for minimal, simplified user interfaces back in 2014. Fast forward to 2020, and webOS is still an exceptional

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I just updated my iOS LG remote app that added support for Web OS 5. Checked my TV for an update and it said that there isn't a new update (I'm on 4.71.30) I have a fairly new 2019 50UM7300AUE. which TV's support webOS 5? Seems kinda ridiculous that only 2020 TVs would get the update - i'm sure the 2019 TVs could handle it

May 08, 2014