Aug 24, 2014

Reinstall and Re-register Apps in Windows 10 - Page 16 14 hours ago · Echo 1. Reinstall and Re-Register All Windows Apps for Current Account Only Echo. Echo 2. Reinstall and Re-Register All Windows Apps for All Accounts Echo. Echo 3. Reinstall and Re-Register 3D Builder Echo. Echo 4. Reinstall and Re-Register 3D Viewer Echo. Echo 5. Reinstall and Re-Register Alarms and Clock Echo. Echo 6. Add or Remove Programs in Windows 8 - dummies Whether you’ve picked up a new program or you want to purge an old one, the Windows 8 Control Panel’s Programs category handles the job fairly well. One of its categories, Programs and Features, lists your currently installed programs. Click the one you want to discard or tweak. How to remove apps and programs Removing […] How to Remove Pre-Installed Programs in Windows 8 - Make

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