Strict censorship was imposed in Australia at the start of the war. The Menzies Government established the Department of Information to control publicity and censorship. The Government censor issued an average of eight instructions per day to Australian newspapers and radio stations between 1940 and 1945. Censorship was necessary:-

Protest Against Censorship in Australia | Refused May 05, 2000 How Penguin and Portnoy's Complaint helped topple Mr Mullins says Australia's censorship system was grounded in the mindset that Australia needed to "populate or perish", and to forge a national identity based on a single set of values and ideals on race, religion, and sexual morality. Portnoy's Complaint was an acclaimed bestseller in the US and UK, but was banned in Australia. Book Week spotlight on banned books highlights our freedom The book was categorised under Australian censorship legislation as blasphemous, indecent and obscene, and given an R18 classification. To this day the novel is required to be sold in a sealed wrapper. The film adaptation however is readily available for children …

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Apr 08, 2009