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Solved: Cisco AnyConnect does it do IPsec? - Cisco Community Hi Mohammad, I will answer your questions one by one: 1. Cisco Anyconnect version 3.0 and above support SSL as well as IPSECv2 connection. If you want the user to connect using IPSECv2 from the Anyconnect client then it will consume the SSL license and not the IPsec license however if you use IPSECv2 for connections like site to site vpn then it will consume normal IPSec VPN license. SSL VPN to IPsec VPN – Fortinet Cookbook Jan 10, 2018 Mikrotik L2TP with IPsec for mobile clients | IPNET

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Test IPsec VPN Client Suite for Windows 10, 8, 7, Android, OS X, Windows Mobile, Mac 30-days free of charge. VPN Client, personal firewall, Internet connector (Dialer) in a single software suite. IPSec Mobile VPN licenses — WatchGuard Community The cost client from NCP and the cost client listed on the downloads page as WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN Client — Provided by NCP. Then there is the free Shrew soft client used to be officially supported and seems to work OK on Windows 10. 17 how to configure mobile IPsec VPN on watchguard - YouTube

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) VPN plug-ins were introduced in Windows 10, although there were originally separate versions available for the Windows 8.1 Mobile and Windows 8.1 PC platforms. Using the UWP platform, third-party VPN providers can create app-containerized plug-ins using WinRT APIs, eliminating the complexity and problems

Mikrotik L2TP with IPsec for mobile clients | IPNET Jan 09, 2015