Apr 05, 2018

Site to site VPN between two identical subnets - The Our current local VLAN is The remote site also uses this subnet. However, we only actually use and above, so I thought I could simply change our subnet to and that would free up the first 512 addresses to route to the remote site. Site to Site VPN DR Same Subnet - The Meraki Community Oct 18, 2017

! object network OBJ-Site-B subnet object network OBJ-Site-B-XLATE subnet object network OBJ-Site-A-XLATE subnet ! nat (inside,outside) source static OBJ-Site-B OBJ-Site-B-XLATE destination static OBJ-Site-A-XLATE OBJ-Site-A-XLATE! access-list VPN-INTERESTING-TRAFFIC line 1 extended permit ip object OBJ-Site-B …

Hey. I have my EdgeMax router as core in my network. To this router I have multiple Ipsec tunnels. Two of these remote sites have the same subnet of How can I solve this without having to change subnet of any of the two remote sites? Kind regards, Tommy How do you deal with VPN access that has the same subnet Use IPv6. Change your VPN to only support IPv6, then IPv4 conflicts won't matter. Build a NAT kludge. There may be an official term for this but if so I don't know what it is. Basically create a special network segment just for the VPN, which is entirely in a very unique subnet range (say,

IPsec VPN offers a secure and cost effective solution between local and remote sites.

How to configure IPSec LAN to LAN VPN for multiple subnets VPN Router_1 and VPN Router_2 connect together via IPSec VPN. PC_1 in remote subnet could access PC_2 in local subnet; It would send all packets to VPN Router_2 to forward to the remote site of VPN Tunnel or access Internet. Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel Between RV Series